How to Build a Marketing Machine

A marketing machine is where you "input" or engage in a marketing and promotional activity (such as networking, social media marketing, advertising, etc...) that through a repeatable process you reliably turn that attention into an expected amount of paying clients and customers.

Your marketing is meant to run like a reliable money printing machine. Whether you’re helping your clients to build their first marketing money printing machine, or to troubleshoot a marketing process that was working and is now broken, this webinar outlines the steps that your clients need to take to create a reliable and repeatable marketing process.
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About the Instructor

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Estie Starr

Estie Starr is founder of Strand Consulting, a multinational business consultancy that is focused on helping small business owners scale their businesses to make big profits. She believes that people can build professional and profitable businesses doing what they love, and she guides them so they can bring their vision to life with more ease.

Estie has 12 years of experience helping small business owners around the world by providing business and marketing strategies that will allow them to launch and scale their businesses.