Centering Women Business Owners 
in Recovery

As part of the WE CAN Initiative, CAMEO and Union Bank hosted an intimate conversation between women leaders and women business owners about how to develop and grow a women-business-owner-centric economic recovery.

Women, and in particular, women of color, have taken the initiative to start over during one of the worst health and economic crises in our country’s history. A Gusto survey* confirms that minority women are driving business creation during COVID. Their survey indicated that nearly half (49%) of new businesses in 2021 are minority owned.

Leading this discussion:
Diana Diaz, owner of Mexichic Crafts, founder and co-owner of The Goddess Mercado and founder and CEO of The Queer Mercado in East Los Angeles (BELLA client)
Marlene Garcia, co-owner of Brew-n-Krew in Salinas (El Pajaro CDC Client)
Devon Barrack, Director, Small Business Banking Group Manager, Union Bank
- Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, President and CEO, The Center by Lendistry
- Carolina Martinez (moderator), CEO, CAMEO

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