Analyzing Profit and Loss Statements

You may not think analyzing Profit and Loss statements is at the top of the list. Yet this intuitive financial statement can help you and your clients find the way back to operating profitably in an upside-down world. Tough choices need to be made and a P&L can help a business know:
Which lines are profitable?
Which ones aren’t pulling their weight?
How is overhead doing relative to current sales?
How can margin analysis help build a new business model to something profitable?
How much debt can this business afford to take on?
This webinar will introduce you to P&L structure, trends, and margin analysis. We will work through several exercises and examples and brainstorm ways to apply these tools with clients struggling to survive. This webinar is designed for both lenders and TA providers relatively new to P&L’s and looking for more skills to help clients manage in these turbulent waters.

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Created by Liza Rivera, Outreach Manager